As we already know, Microsoft has an annual tradition of releasing themed Christmas sweaters, which the company itself calls “ugly” (“Microsoft Ugly Sweater”). For example, last year’s sweater was dedicated to the classic game Minesweeper, two years ago it was the Windows logo and MS Paint.

This year, Microsoft decided to remember another “classic” – the office assistant Clippy. As before, you can buy the sweater in the official store Xbox Gear Shop, the price is UAH 2,813 ($75) but as usual, the entire run is already sold out (whether such sweaters are really in great demand, or simply the company releases them in very limited batches each time, purely for PR).

By the way, attentive users have noticed that, unlike many previous Microsoft Ugly Sweaters, this one appears to be a real knitted sweater, and not a sweatshirt with a pattern printed on it.