According to information from the analytical company Mercury Research, in the third quarter of 2022, the market distribution of central processors with x86 architecture underwent significant changes. AMD is experiencing significant losses in important areas. The decline in market share is quite large, especially considering this market is actually moving slowly. In some cases, AMD reverts to 2018/19 positions.

CPU market share Q3 2022: AMD vs. Intel

For example, in the case of desktop processors, as much as 6.6% was lost in just one quarter, leaving the company with a 13.9% share. For mobile processors, the decline is even more pronounced at 9.1% compared to the previous quarter, but the current market share is slightly better than the previous high of 15.7%. For the consumer market, where AMD usually occupied around 20+%, these are not very optimistic figures.

At the same time, AMD managed to increase its share in the server segment. For the last quarter, the increase was 3.6%, while in the annual comparison the indicators improved by as much as 7.3%. The current overall share of 17.5% is a very good figure considering AMD’s position. In addition, there is also potential for further growth, given the announcement of a new server platform with EPYC 9004 (Genoa) chips based on the Zen 4 architecture and supporting DDR5 and PCI-E 5.0.

AMD’s share among chips for game consoles remained unchanged at 100%. And it was this that made it possible to somewhat smooth the situation with the final indicators. Although during the last quarter, Intel managed to reduce the share of AMD by 2.9% in the overall market of x86-processors. Unfortunately, there is no information in the statistics about quantitative indicators in pieces for each of the categories, but taking into account the fact that the console segment allowed AMD to reach the final 28.5%, these are obviously significant values.