Months after first rumors, Netflix is ​​finally ready to go live. The service confirmed that Chris Rock will debut a live comedy special in early 2023. According to the company, he will be the “first artist” to receive this opportunity, and the stream will be available worldwide.

The company revealed its live streaming strategy after a post on Deadline in May this year. At the time, Netflix said it would focus on non-scripted material such as stand-up specials, competition shows and the upcoming Netflix is ​​a Joke festival. In theory, you can vote for a reality show or watch a crude comedy performance with mistakes.

This expansion is not unique, as some of Netflix’s main competitors have at least some form of live streaming. Disney+ aired the Oscar nominations in February and will air live episodes of Dancing with the Stars this fall. Others pay considerable attention to sports. For example, Amazon Prime Video broadcasts weekly NFL games, and Apple TV+ shows Friday Night Baseball.