For the display, the company uses the simple name Stretchable: it is full-color, based on microLED technology with a pixel pitch of 40μm, in the “unstretched” state it has a diagonal of 12″ and a density of points of 100 PPI.

The manufacturer does not specify the screen resolution, noting only that it “corresponds to most existing monitors”. Note that a similar density of dots is typical for Full HD screens with a diagonal of 22″ — so the resolution of the demonstrated 12-inch display with an aspect ratio of at least 2:1 (judging by the official photos) can be roughly estimated at 1100×500 dots.

According to LG Display, the Stretchable display uses a stretchy silicone — the same type used in contact lenses — that gives it the flexibility of a rubber band and can stretch up to 14 inches. And a special flexible spring wire system (unlike the traditional linear one used in conventional displays) can withstand numerous changes in shape and adds reliability and durability to the screen.

In terms of practical application options, LG Display believes that the Stretchable display can be used in a variety of scenarios because it is very easy to attach to curved surfaces – clothing, skin, transportation, etc.