The German government has updated information regarding weapons and military equipment transferred to Ukraine. 30 Dingo armored vehicles, Iris-T air defense missiles, Oshkosh M1070 heavy tractors, means for countering and searching for UAVs were added to the list.

The full list of the new aid is as follows:

  • 30 Dingo armored vehicles;
  • missiles for the Iris-T air defense system;
  • 18 defense systems against drones and creating obstacles;
  • 18 reconnaissance drones;
  • 5 Oshkosh M1070 heavy tractors;
  • 3 loaders.

Dingo ATF is a wheeled armored vehicle on a Mercedes Unimog chassis designed for patrol and reconnaissance. The vehicle has MRAP protection and modular armor and has been produced since 2000. The ATF Dingo 2 is an improved version that uses the Unimog U 5000 chassis. The armored vehicle can carry up to 8 passengers at a speed of up to 90 km/h on the highway. Main armament is 7.62mm MG 3 machine guns, 12.7mm M2 Browning or 40mm HK GMG automatic grenade launcher. The cost of one Dingo ATF is more than $500,000.

Germany for the Armed Forces: 30 Dingo armored vehicles, IRIS-T missiles and Oshkosh M1070 tractors

Oshkosh M1070 tank tractors are one of the main means of moving heavy equipment in the US Army. They are designed to transport tanks, deploy and evacuate armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, combat bulldozers and other heavy vehicles. The M1070 Oshkosh can carry loads weighing up to 63,560 kg at a speed of 72 km/h, or up to 80,000 kg at a reduced speed. The Oshkosh M1070 cabin has a reservation, the level of which is classified, in addition, the reservation can be strengthened with the help of additional modules.

We have already written about IRIS-T air defense systems that have already arrived in Ukraine. The Air Force Command highly appreciated the work of these air defense systems.

“Extreme shelling that we had: IRIS-T showed itself extremely well. This information regarding the first implementation of this complex and verification of its combat capability and effectiveness in combat conditions has been received. This information will be passed on to the German side,” said the spokesman of the Air Force Command Yurii Ignat.

In addition, the German government has published a list of aid that is planned to be sent to Ukraine in the coming weeks. It has additional missiles for the Iris-T, various demining means and mobile reconnaissance complexes.