The issue of energy saving is now a concern for the whole world — and Microsoft is also trying to optimize its consoles for modern requirements. For example, in one of the recent updates to the Xbox Series X|S, the power settings menu was redesigned to better understand the difference in power consumption between standby and power saving modes. And it seems that the company is not going to stop there.

Thus, in the survey conducted in the application for users of the Xbox Insider program, among other items (about the length of gaming sessions, favorite gaming platforms, etc.) there were also questions about the attitude of the respondents to the limitations of graphics options (frame rate, resolution, visual effects, use GPU) in order to improve the power saving of the console.

Microsoft is interested in the attitude of players towards power-saving modes on Xbox

It’s hard to say exactly how limiting the frame rate from 60 to 30 fps (or the resolution from 4K to Full HD) will affect the overall power consumption of the console, but the very fact that Microsoft is thinking about such things can’t help but make us happy. If only in modern processors and video cards, energy consumption did not grow at such a rate…