Since the appearance of the voice assistant in Apple devices, the only phrase for its (her) activation has been and remains — “Hey Siri.” Not always convenient, but users got used to it right away.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a shortened version of the appeal that will no longer need “Hey”, only “Siri” will be enough. For the past several months, the relevant team has been working on training AI for just such an address.

The process is long. It may seem like a simple enough change, but in fact, a two-word trigger greatly increases the likelihood of a response from the AI.

A simplified request should improve interaction with multiple requests at a time. In addition, it will help Siri “catch up” with competitors from Amazon and Google. Although the latter requires the first request with “OK Google”, it is capable of further commands after that.

The company is also working on deeper integration of Siri into third-party applications. But such changes will have to wait. Gurman emphasized that all these changes may appear next year, or even in 2024.