Haven’t heard of a car like the Mazda CX-8? It is quite possible, because the Mazda CX-8 is a local model for Asian markets, based on the Mazda CX-5. However, in accordance with its name, the car is positioned a step higher – both in terms of overall dimensions (length 4.9 m and a wheelbase of 2.93 m) and an enlarged interior (three rows of seats). However, the connection between the Mazda CX-5 and the Mazda CX-8 can be traced in almost everything: the general features of the body, the technology of the hood, even the changes in the details.

After all, the planned update of the Mazda CX-8 took place “according to the recipe” of the Mazda CX-5: a new front bumper, headlights with half-rings of running lights, framing of the radiator grille. Among the technical changes, it is possible to note the suspension settings: Mazda specialists selected new springs and shock absorbers for the CX-8 model.

There are some changes in the interior of the Mazda CX-8. In general, the shape of the front panel is recognizable, the central 10-inch display takes its place of honor – but from now on it is trained to connect Apple CarPlay wirelessly. In addition, the profile and seat filler have been updated, and new finishing materials are used.

By the way, about the seats. Customers are offered a choice of 7-seater or 6-seater interior design – and in the latter case, the seats of the second row are separated by a multifunctional armrest.

And Mazda CX-8 buyers can choose the desired engine: gasoline 2.5-liter “atmo” (190 hp) or “turbo” (230 hp), an alternative 2.2-liter turbodiesel for 200 “horses”. All engines are paired with a mandatory 6-speed automatic transmission, but the type of drive may differ – front or all-wheel drive. And what engine and type of drive would you choose for yourself? And in general – are you interested in Mazda CX-8?