Ukrposhta put into circulation a new postage stamp “Crimean bridge encore!”, dedicated to the recent attacks on the Bridge across the Kerch Strait.

In order to increase the collector value, the circulation of the new stamp is reduced compared to the announced one. 2.1 million postage stamps or 300,000 stamp sheets are planned, of which 77,000 have already been pre-ordered.

The face value of the stamp is M, or UAH 18. The author of the issue “Crimean bridge encore!” is Ukrainian artist Yurii Shapoval.

Crimean Bridge encore!

In addition to the main plot, the postage stamp contains several bright details:

  • a cigarette in the hands of the heroine as a hint that the occupiers follow the instruction “not to smoke anywhere – to smoke where you have not smoked yet”;
  • a car of the occupiers, which flies into the abyss and destroys the loot;
  • “Bayraktar”, which “accidentally” flies over the bridge;
  • enemy tank destroyed.

Crimean Bridge encore!

Some stamp purchase restrictions will apply: up to 10 stamp sheets, 10 art envelopes and 10 postcards in one online order. The “First Day” envelope can be purchased only in the post offices, and no more than two copies at once.

Also, merch with the image of the new brand will appear in the Ukrposhta online store: T-shirts, sweatshirts and two types of magnets.

Crimean Bridge encore!

Special cancellation of the postage stamp “Crimean bridge encore!” took place on November 4, 2022, in a symbolic location – on the bicycle-pedestrian bridge over the Volodymyrsky Uzvoz, the same one that was targeted by the enemy in October 2022 and suffered a rocket attack, but remained unharmed.

You can buy the “Crimean bridge encore!” stamp, an envelope and a postcard to it as usual in the official online store of Ukrposhta.