The idea of ​​using additional lenses on smartphones is not new. For example, when the iPhone only had one wide-angle camera, there were several options for ultra-wide and macro lenses. And there are still such options.

Xiaomi’s experiment went a little further. In the given concept, it is proposed to connect to the recently introduced Xiaomi 12S Ultra (the flagship received a Sony IMX989 inch sensor with a resolution of 50.3) an additional Leica M series lens.

The smartphone itself has a rather large camera unit. In the concept, it also acts as a mount for interchangeable optics, like a bayonet in “adult” cameras with interchangeable optics. As a result, the smartphone will be able to get a “professional tool for creating photos” with, for example, “authentic depth of field”, and not made with the help of post-processing algorithms.

The company notes that the smartphone will still use AI Image Solution for photo processing, and will also allow shooting 10-bit RAW photos. The external lens is integrated into the camera app with additional features such as a histogram, focus peaking and zebras (visual markings of the focus area).

But, unfortunately, this is only a concept at the moment. Further plans for the release of this version of the smartphone are still unknown.