Twitter employees have been preparing for layoffs since Elon Musk officially took over the company. Alex Heath of The Verge reported that Musk is meeting with advisers, including former PayPal chief David Sacks, and finalizing a plan to lay off about 3,800 employees, while Bloomberg announced that 3,700 people will be laid off.

According to Bloomberg, the plan is for employees to be informed of the layoffs on Friday, and those affected by the cuts could be given 60 days of severance pay. Musk also plans to end Twitter’s policy of allowing employees to work from home. This is consistent with text messages from another adviser, Jason Calacanis (discovered as part of Musk’s legal case, when he was still trying to walk away from the Twitter purchase), which suggested reducing remote work to encourage voluntary layoffs, and is consistent with his anti-remote work stance in Tesla.

These changes are just some of those in the pipeline since Twitter became Elon Musk’s company last week. Twitter Blue gets a new price at $8 and access to verification, while the editing feature will reportedly be open to everyone this week. Musk will also create a “content moderation board” and possibly return Vine.