The Bentley company presents a new version of its Bentayga crossover, which has already become a bestseller for the British. But the more sales, the more important the need to stand out becomes. Especially when it comes to such expensive and “special” cars as Bentley.

Also, the company has prepared another special version of the car for demanding customers – this is the Bentley Bentayga Odyssean Edition crossover, which will be produced in only 70 copies. And what’s special about these copies, apart from additional logos on the rear roof racks?

From the outside – the familiar Bentley Bentayga crossover, only in an updated version and with a certain combination of body colors and wheel rims. Inside, there is also a familiar PHEV-hybrid: a gasoline 3-liter V6 paired with an electric motor produces 462 hp. This is enough for acceleration to a 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds and a maximum speed of 254 km/h. And the Bentley Bentayga Odyssean Edition can cover up to 45 km on electric drive only.

However, all this has already happened. But what’s new is the interior designed to combine Bentley’s signature luxury with a hint of environmentalism. For example, the seats are covered with genuine leather and tweed fabric, which is traditional for the “British”. And the trimming used acacia veneer with open pores, which is covered with three layers of varnish with a total thickness of only 0.1 mm.

Bentley Bentayga Odyssean Edition cars are now available for order. However, the first commercial copies will be manufactured and delivered to customers early next year.