“Experienced” players probably remember well one of the most beautiful and famous adventures of their time – Myst. It was released in the early 90s of the last century and was extremely popular, so it received a certain number of sequels.

Riven is the first of these, and the second game in the Myst series, which has a total of six games. Riven was released in 1997, took up as many as 5 CDs and received very favorable reviews from both critics and regular players. The combined circulation of the first two games, according to the data of the publisher of the series, the company Cyan World, exceeded 15 million copies, which is actually a lot for this genre.

Therefore, the announcement of the remake of Riven is not surprising – it is rather surprising that it happened only now, 25 years after the release of the original game (the first Myst has already received several remasters and remakes during this time). The Cyan studio is working on it, promising a complete remake “from scratch” in 3D (the original game was pre-rendered with point-and-click control, like Myst). It is being helped by a team of game fans who worked on their own 3D fan remake of Starry Expanse Project.

Cyan World has released a FAQ on the project, but so far it doesn’t have any more detailed information — like a release date or a list of platforms it will appear on.