Ukrainian educational platform Prometheus launches affordable IT courses in partnership with companies GlobalLogic, Ciklum and SoftServe. The best graduates will be able to pass interviews and continue cooperation with companies. 700 participants will have the opportunity to join educational programs for free thanks to scholarships. The project is implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and WNISEF.

4 programs are already available on Prometheus:

Front-end. Complete course for beginners from Ciklum

The course is designed for 13 weeks and aims to teach front-end development, from layout to creating web applications, to start a career in IT. During the studies, students will complete practical tasks, as well as a course project that can be added to the portfolio.

GlobalLogic’s QA Manual

The course should provide knowledge and practical skills that will be needed to get a job as a web product testing specialist. It can be suitable for those who expect a quick start in IT, because a Manual QA specialist does not need to know programming languages ​​and have deep technical knowledge.

Automatic software testing from GlobalLogic

Graduates of the course should acquire knowledge sufficient to obtain the first job in the specialty. The company notes that if students complete the course diligently and complete all tasks, they will be able to apply for their first job in 11 weeks.

Web application development in Ruby by SoftServe

The authors of the course claim that it will help to master programming based on one of the most promising technologies for the start of the IT industry. In 12 weeks of training, students will receive thorough knowledge and practical skills that will help build a career as a Ruby Software developer.

The following can apply for free training:

1) Ukrainian women affected by the war;

2) Ukrainian men and women who left the temporarily occupied territories and were registered there as of February 24, 2022;

3) Ukrainian men and women who received the status of an internally displaced person or the right to temporary protection abroad after February 24, 2022;

4) military personnel participating in the Russian-Ukrainian war or who were participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation/Join Forces Operation/Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as members of their families (parents, spouse, children).

Those affected by the war, but who do not fall into the specified categories, can also apply: such trainees will be enrolled subject to the availability of seats.

To apply for the scholarship program, you need to complete the first academic week of the course you are interested in and also fill out a survey until November 4 inclusive. Applicants who will receive a scholarship will be notified by letter to the email address provided during registration by November 9 inclusive.