Ford recently did a planned refresh of the Escape, which is a crossover for the US market, but it has a European twin called the Ford Kuga. So, considering the updated Ford Escape crossover, you can try to predict the update for the Euro version as well.

What has changed? The headlights: now they are elongated horizontally and may even have an LED line connecting them. Traditionally for such updates, the shape of the bumpers has changed. And the ST-Line version is now offered in three variations with a different list of equipment. Moreover, all of them are visually different from the usual Ford Escape variants – the Ford Escape ST-Line version will get its own radiator grill, black window moldings, original wheels, and a notable spoiler. Take a look at the red car in the photos below.

Among the other differences of the Ford Escape ST-Line, we can note a sports steering wheel with red stitching. And among the differences of the updated Ford Escape in general, we can note a horizontal 13.2-inch display and a different layout of the climate system unit. Also, pay attention to the sliding seats of the second row: the manufacturer claims that there is more space in the back than in crossovers and SUVs of the highest class.

Under the hood of the updated Ford Escape, EcoBoost gasoline turbo engines with a working volume of 1.5 l (180 hp) and 2.0 l (250 hp) or a hybrid power unit can be installed. For example, the Ford Escape Plug-In version can offer a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, an electric motor, a total power of 210 “horses” and the ability to drive up to 60 km on electric drive only.

Is this an interesting update for the Ford Escape? Now let’s see what his European relative will offer!