European blockchain developer BoostyLabs and Igor Pertsiya’s Hypra Fund launched a venture studio for Web3 startups – Boosty Venture Studio. The initiative was also supported by CLUST partners Ruslan Timofeev and Ruslan Drozdov.

Projects are promised the support of a technical team in Europe, access to leading investment funds, mentoring, legal and operational support, as well as the start-up capital of up to $300,000.

The main focus of the new venture studio is infrastructure projects, tools for developers, and various SAAS solutions, but the studio says that their interest is not limited to this and everything depends on the experience and skills of the team.

“The studio is the co-founder of the startup, your equal partner. We build projects side by side and immerse ourselves in all the details as much as possible. Even if the idea does not take off, but the team is effective, we will find another project for it. We have a high tolerance for mistakes, this is also a positive experience,” explains studio CEO Nikita Shteringard, former editor-in-chief of

The studio already has two portfolio startups, and by the end of 2022, Boosty plans to incubate five more.