In Vinnytsia, a new trolleybus of the VinLine brand, which is manufactured by the Communal Enterprise “Vinnytsia Transport Company”, is being tested. Сity mayor Serhii Morgunov informed about this.

One of the features of the new model is the ability to move autonomously, which is very relevant now when the stability of the energy supply due to the strikes of the Russian aggressors might be a problem. In this mode, the trolleybus can cover up to 20 km, that is, it can cover the entire distance of a typical route even twice.

In addition, the new low-profile VinLine consumes 30% less electricity compared to the ZiU model (Russian trolleybuses of 1972-2003, which still remain on some routes).

The VinLine case is made of a material that is more resistant to corrosion. An improved ventilation and heating system is installed in the cabin, and the battery pack is equipped with a climate control system that prevents overheating.

This is the 15th VinLine trolleybus assembled in Vinnytsia. Four more units are planned to be released by the end of the year.

Communal Enterprise “Vinnytsia Transport Company” started its own production of trolleybuses in 2019. The experimental sample received the working name “Vinnytsia-RTS 12”. The name VinLine was chosen for the serial machines.