The city of Chaozhou in China’s Guangdong province plans to build an offshore wind farm so large it is expected to generate more electricity than all of Norway’s power plants combined, reports Bloomberg.

The city aims to start work on a 43.3 gigawatt (GW) offshore wind farm by 2025, according to a five-year plan. It did not disclose how much the project would cost to build, but earlier this year another Chinese city in neighboring Fujian province proposed a 1 trillion yuan ($138 billion) project to build 50 gigawatts of offshore wind farms.

The city of Chaozhou will build a wind farm between 75 and 185 km off the coast of the city, on the Taiwan Strait.

“The area has unique topographical features that mean the wind will be strong enough to operate the turbines 3,800-4,300 hours per year, or 43% to 49% of the time, which is an extremely high utilization rate,” Bloomberg writes.

Overall, in 2021, China built more offshore wind farms (17 GW) than any other country in the world over the past five years.