At one time, the Foxconn company created the Foxtron automotive division, which was supposed to develop electric cars and autonomous vehicles. Currently, everything is at the concept stage, but general features and the first models are already emerging.

An example is this Foxtron Model B concept car, which is very close to the production model. For example, its design is already quite traditional and almost devoid of unrealistic details typical of concepts. Although there are still some interesting features: an air channel on the hood, camera mirrors, hidden door handles.

All so that the Foxtron Model B hatchback has good aerodynamics (Cd=0.26), which has a positive effect on the power reserve: the manufacturer does not declare the size of the battery, but declares the predicted mileage – up to 450 km. In addition, the main dimensions are already known: length 4.3 meters, wheelbase 2.8 meters. That is, this is a typical European C-class, only electric – like the Volkswagen ID.3…

It is known that the Foxtron Model B electric car will be built on the MIH platform and equipped with one electric motor with a capacity of about 230 “horses”. Also they promised very modern equipment: matrix headlights in front and even behind (they can draw useful images), a 15.6-inch display in the interior with its own “shell”, plus a pair of displays instead of mirrors.

Currently, the Foxtron company is developing other electric vehicles – a larger “car” and an electric pickup have already been announced. At the moment (again) these are all concepts, but (again) they are already very close to the series. So, we are waiting for replenishment among electric car manufacturers!