This summer in Ukraine official sales of game consoles from Microsoft launched. First the Xbox Series S appeared on sale, later hardware store chains also began to offer the Xbox Series X. However, there was no official launch of the Xbox in Ukraine and the console does not even have a Ukrainian localization, which directly contradicts the law. From July 16 part two and six of article 27 The Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language”, which obliges companies to use the Ukrainian language on the Internet and in program interfaces entered into force.

Now, as it became known from message on the Xbox Blog for insiders testing the console’s firmware, the alpha version of the XB_FLT_2211NI\22621.2795.221017-2200 operating system, which was published on October 19 and began rolling out to testers today, received Ukrainian localization.

“Ukrainian is now available to select as a console display language. You may notice some experiences such as in Store where not everything will be displayed in Ukrainian. Please file feedback with Report a Problem if you see any unlocalized strings or incorrect translations,” the release notes read.

It seems that Microsoft still plans to officially launch the Xbox in Ukraine, this may happen as early as November, when the aforementioned version of the firmware will be released.