Sorry, we accidentally missed the trailer and announcement of the Polish RPG REPO MAN, but you should definitely check it out because it’s not often that you see such an amazing combination of art nouveau, steampunk, cyberpunk and fantasy.

REPO MAN is a first-person role-playing game with an open world that combines art nouveau style, steampunk and cyberpunk technologies, and the magic of the fairies living among humans. In the amazing city of San Alma, you play the role of a repo man, that is, a collector who collects debts from those who do not want to pay. The job is dirty, but you have to do it because you owe your father a huge debt. You must search for the debtors in their apartments, hideouts, and favorite bars and find a way to get the money they owe.

REPO MAN, which already has a Steam page, is being developed by Polish Achara Studios, about which almost nothing is known. A search on LinkedIn gives very strange results, there are only two employees of the company, and for Alan Padziński this is actually his first job and he has no other experience in creating games. At the same time, Achara Studios is developing at the same time… four projects in different genres – action/RPG, first-person open-world RPG (REPO MAN), complex military-level sapper simulator and RTS. A little too too much.

REPO MAN does not yet have a release date and something tells us that this game will be released quite a bit soon. We hope this isn’t some kind of joke, because getting something like Cyberpunk 2077 in an art nouveau style would be really, really interesting.