Yesterday, Konami held an online presentation where they finally shared their plans for the popular Silent Hill horror franchise. And it turned out that they have a lot of plans – which is actually gratifying, especially considering that the last game in this universe, Silent Hill: Downpour, saw the world 10 years ago.

Yes, a remake of perhaps the most popular part of the game, Silent Hill 2, is currently in development. The Bloober Team studio (authors of Layers of Fear and The Medium) is working on it. Composer Akira Yamaoka (the author of the soundtracks of the first three parts) and Masahiro Ito (the designer of the monsters in the first three parts, including the creator of the legendary Pyramid Head, and the art director of SH2 and SH3) are also involved in the work so it is safe to hope that the remake will preserve the spirit of the original.

We will remind, according to the plot, the main character James Sunderland comes to a mysterious town in search of his own wife, from whom he just received a letter – but the fact is that she died several years ago. The journey predictably grows more and more twisted and eerie — and turns the game into one of the best horror games of all time.

There is no release date yet, but it is already known that the new Silent Hill 2 will be a temporary exclusive for PlayStation 5 and PC for the first 12 months. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine, and there is even a first teaser trailer.

In addition to the SH2 remake, Konami also announced several new games. First, it is Silent Hill: Townfall – the game is developed by the studio No Code (authors of the adventure adventure Observation and Stories Untold), and the publisher will be Annapurna Interactive. The announcement trailer shows almost nothing, and there is no additional information about the game yet – the developer promises to share it next year.

Silent Hill f is another new installment in the franchise, developed by Neobards Entertainment (founded by former Konami and Capcom employees). According to the plot, the events of Silent Hill f will take place in Japan in the 1960s, nothing more is known about the game. There is only a small cinematic teaser without real gameplay and game graphics, but very atmospheric.

Silent Hill: Ascension is not a game in the traditional sense, but an unusual interactive project in which players will influence the development of the plot. What it will look like is unknown. Perhaps it will be something like an online stream for the player community (this is what the teaser suggests, in which we see a message in some messenger discussing the next steps). Silent Hill: Ascension already has an official site, where the developers promise to publish new information about the project. The release is planned for 2023.

And finally, the teaser of the movie Return to Silent Hill was shown. It will be a film adaptation of the second part of the game, directed by Christophe Gans – the director of the first film Silent Hill (2006), which we once mentioned in the article 12 movies based on games that are not painful to watch. Filming of the film will begin in February 2023, and there is not even an approximate release date yet.

You can watch Konami’s presentation in full here: