People quickly get used to good things, and this applies to literally everything. So iFixit specialists are already used to the fact that manufacturers of equipment began to monitor not only the appearance of their products, but also the internal components.

In a short teardown video of Google’s Pixel Watch, host Sam Goldheart emphasized several times that the open case of the new “smart” watch gives the feeling of the “first generation” of the device, hinting that the interior of the gadget is not something modern. (It’s also worth noting here that iFifxit always spends quite a lot of time on Apple products, and at this company, even the internal design is given a lot of effort.)

There are several points that potential buyers should pay attention to. The most important is the display replacement, which Google does not do. As the experience of TheVerge columnist Chris Welch has shown, it is very easy to damage glass. So users who often find themselves latching on to something with their watch should think twice about buying a Pixel Watch.

But if you find an option to replace the display, in order to do this, you need to disassemble quite a lot. In addition to the fact that the tightness of the case may be broken after the procedure, in order to simply disconnect the old and then connect the new display, it is also necessary to remove the battery, which is additionally held by a layer of glue. So, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that nothing will be additionally damaged during the disassembly of the watch.

Separately, the presenter was surprised by the lack of additional protection of the speaker, where she expected to see a small mesh (like the one installed on the speakers of almost any modern smartphone), as well as fixed positions of the wheel, button and service port, which are not removed from the case.

In the end, Ms. Goldheart was only happy with the adhesive tape that holds the display and back glass to the case. She also added that in a couple of iterations of the development of the Pixel Watch, Google will surely be able to improve the internal design.