Global automobile giants are freezing production in russia or closing it altogether – little-known brands are taking the place of well-known companies. At first there was hope for Chinese companies, then for Iranian ones. But now the car market of the aggressor country is waiting for a new “star” – electric cars from Uganda (Africa).

Recently, there were reports about the possibility of supplying Kiira EV electric vehicles to the russian market. What it is? This is a compact 2-seater hatchback with front-wheel drive and a 26-horsepower engine.

The small 3-meter body is made of fiberglass, so don’t be surprised by the gaps between the panels. Inside, there was room not only for two seats, but also for a trunk-sofa. And there was also a place for a battery with a capacity of about 8.3 kWh, which can provide a distance of autonomous mileage of about 80 km on one full charge. At the same time, the maximum speed reaches 100 km/h – it is better not to ask about safety…

By the way, at one time the Kiira EV hatchback became Uganda’s first electric car. Perhaps it was for this reason that its price was set at about $20,000! Such are the innovations.