Most smartphones today have almost the same shape – a large monoblock. But this does not mean that manufacturers are not experimenting with various variants of the shape and its changes (the latest rather successful example is foldable smartphones with large screens inside).

Back in May of this year, there was insider information that in the Motorola’s R&D department, they were working on an unusual concept. There were no images of such a device, but the general idea was described with a screen that increases vertically.

And now, at the Lenovo Tech World event, the Motorola company showed its version of a slide-out smartphone. It looks very similar to the bulk of monoblocks and has a compact size with a 5-inch display. But it is worth pressing the button on the side, as the display begins to “extend” upwards, changing the diagonal from 5 to 6.5 inches.

Motorola showed an interesting concept of a rollable smartphone

In other words, the smartphone can be more compact than the iPhone 13 mini in its smallest state, and by changing the diagonal to the largest size, it can turn into the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This approach differs from the concepts of competitors (Samsung and TCL), which move the displays from the sides, turning them into small tablets. Motorola’s variant allows you to have a compact smartphone that can significantly increase the screen if necessary.

Unfortunately, this is currently only a concept, which may not reach the production version. Although it is worth noting that the idea itself, already at the concept stage, looks like a very good solution to the modern problem with large smartphone cases, so much so that some of them do not fit in every pocket, not to mention the ease of use with one hand.

The company does not yet make forecasts regarding the future project.