Collectors sometimes do not even unpack the things they collect, because it is believed that then their value is immediately lost. Some simply buy individual items that can later be sold at a significant profit. One such example happened at the LCG Auction.

The original 2007 iPhone was put up for auction online. As the platform itself claimed, even the film was never removed from the box (although it is quite difficult to verify this):

This factory boxed first release copy is in exceptional condition. Virtually flawless surface and edges, factory wrap clean with correct seam detail and density. The labels on the back are properly kept intact under the packaging. All original – no aftermarket stickers or UPC labels. Brand new, not activated.

For a while, the top bid was $10,446. But the closer it was to the end of the auction, the more the offers grew. In the final, “the last word” was worth $39,339.60.

This model was priced at $599 at the time of sale. Adjusted for inflation, that would now equal $860. The iPhone contained 8 GB of storage, there was no App Store then, and the gadget itself had to perform the functions of a telephone, a music player (iPod) and provide access to the Internet.