After this morning’s attack on Kyiv by kamikaze drones Shahed 136 / Geran-2 Ukroboronprom concern and the Come Back Alive Foundation independently announced the preparation of Ukrainian long-range weapons.

Initially, the Ukroboronprom State Concern wrote on Facebook that it is completing development of UAV, or a cruise missile with a range of up to 1000 km with a warhead of 75 kg. As proof of the product’s existence, Ukroboronprom provided a photo of a fairing with a falcon, trident and Ukrainian ornament.

About an hour later, the Head of the Come Back Alive Foundation Taras Chmut wrote on Twitter: ” Soon there will be bavovna (explosions) in Moscow.”

A little later, the Come Back Alive Foundation told that “Bavovna in Moscow” is the pilot name of a new project of the fund together with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, on which the Foundation has been working about 2 months. The project is related to long-range work and is already 100% contracted. The fund promised to provide more detailed information about this project soon. Come Back Alive appreciates the desire of Ukrainians “to chip in on the big boom”, but does not open a separate “Bavovna in Moscow” fundraising, calling on all those who wish to donate to send money to the usual fund accounts.

This news were very positively received by Ukrainians who wanted revenge, but I would like to note that the most important thing for long-range weapons is simultaneous launch, because only 20-50% of UAVs/missiles break through air defense. Therefore, if Ukroboronprom is only completing the development, then, unfortunately, it is still very far from mass supply to the Armed Forces. But… let’s hope that we are not being told everything (and it is true), and that the Russian invaders will not have to wait so long for a decent response to the massive shelling of Ukrainian cities.

We believe in the Armed Forces!