The famous German brand Mercedes-Benz demonstrated its new electric crossover Mercedes EQE SUV, which should become the most versatile option for different requests of different buyers. Optimal dimensions, two types of drive, five versions in total – there will be plenty to choose from. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Mercedes EQE SUV electric car: it’s like the Mercedes EQE sedan, but more versatile

This is almost what is written in the release – the emphasis is not so much on “crossover” as on “versatility”. This may hint at the lack of a traditional Mercedes EQE wagon in general: they say, “the SUV variant covers all needs.” It is not surprising that the electric Mercedes EQE SUV received such a light design: with a total length of 4.86 meters (wheelbase 3.03 meters), it is not very high and has a rather “smoothed” aerodynamic body. Pay attention to the slope of the front and rear roof racks. Visually, the new electric car Mercedes EQE SUV is something like a mix of Mercedes EQA and Mercedes R-class (if you remember).

Balancing on the border between station wagon and crossover is also confirmed by the available versions – only with rear-wheel drive or with all-wheel drive: in the second case, two eATS modules are installed at once for independent front/rear wheel drive, respectively. In total, there are three main versions: the most “long-range” option is the Mercedes EQE350+ electric car with rear-wheel drive (215 kW or 292 hp) and a promised range of up to 590 km WLTP. Plus two versions with all-wheel drive – EQE350 4MATIC or EQE500 4MATIC – which emphasize power: up to a maximum of 300 kW or 408 hp.

And add modern technologies: pneumatic suspension with automatic clearance adjustment and body level support regardless of load, system for turning the rear wheels at an angle of up to 10 degrees, multimedia MBUX or even MBUX Hyperscreen. In the latter case, it is about an additional 12.3-inch for the passenger and a 141-centimeter total diagonal of several displays under a common translucent interior panel.

What else can be added? For example, you can mention the availability of a choice of 19-22-inch wheels or interior decoration options without using leather. And we can mention the AMG variants of the new electric car.

More power: two AMG versions for the Mercedes EQE SUV at once

In order not to beat around the bush, the Mercedes company immediately offered sports versions of the new EQE SUV electric crossover, which are traditionally marked with the letters AMG. Both have their own design (front bumper, radiator grille, 21-22-inch wheels), original interior decoration, 4MATIC all-wheel drive. However, they differ in power. The Mercedes EQE43 AMG version offers 350 kW or 476 hp, and the Mercedes EQE53 AMG version provides even more – 505 kW or 687 hp. with the AMG Dynamic Plus Package.

Thanks to this power, acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes only 3.5 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 240 km/h. Plus, the “53rd” has improved 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive and a body roll reduction system (option).

However, even the maximum version of the Mercedes EQE53 AMG uses a 90.6 kWh battery (usable capacity) – as for other Mercedes EQE SUV variants. In addition, 328 volt power technology is used. The difference is only in the specific AMG settings to achieve maximum power. Another difference is the permissible power (and, accordingly, speed) when charging from alternating current sources: a maximum of 9.6 kW for the regular versions of the EQE SUV or 11-22 kW for the AMG variants of the electric car. Battery charging from DC sources is always possible with a power of only up to 170 kW.

Of course, some competitors offer more powerful charging (faster charging). Others offer a more traditional SUV design. Others are distinguished by even better dynamics and more high-voltage power supply technology. However, the Mercedes EQE SUV seems to try to keep everything in balance, it seems to really try to be the most versatile option for everyone and everything. Topping it all off with the “magic of the three-pointed star.” But is this enough to become a “bestseller” in its class? Time will show.