For the Renault company at one time, the Model 4 was a real bestseller: 8.1 million cars were sold over several decades of production. Therefore, the “French” are playing on nostalgia and their own history and are gradually returning iconic models. A hint of such a return is the new Renault 4Ever Trophy concept car: from now on it is not just a car but an electric car, from now on it is not just a hatchback but a crossover.

Although hints of the design of the original Renault 4 car have been preserved: pay attention to the shape of the rear side windows, or to the matrix headlights connected by a frame. And the compact dimensions have also been preserved. With a total length of 4.16 meters and a 2.57-wheelbase, the new Renault 4Ever Trophy concept car is positioned in the B-SUV segment. It can occupy an intermediate position between the traditional Clio and Captur cars.

However, the Renault 4Ever Trophy is an electric car (CMF-BEV platform): an electric motor with a capacity of 100 kW or 136 “horses” is hidden under the hood. It is important to understand that the concept is in front of us: hence the open and visible elements of the suspension, huge wheels with built-in compressors for pressure control, various fasteners for cargo, an aerodynamic channel on the hood, mirrors-cameras.

Take away half of it and you get a more or less similar design of the future serial electric car Renault 4. Sales of which, by the way, should start in 2025.