Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs about the release of the ePPO application, which will help the Air Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to protect the sky over Ukraine.

The application is anti-air defense that has already appeared on the Android platform and allows every citizen of Ukraine to participate in the defense of the sky by informing air defense forces about the flight of cruise missiles, kamikaze drones or enemy aircraft.

To start work, you need to install the ePPO application on your smartphone, go through authorization using Diia and click Test to make sure that everything works and be ready to notify anti-aircraft fighters about the perceived threat.

After you have seen an air target, for example, a cruise missile or a kamikaze drone, you need to open ePPO on your smartphone, select the type of air target, point your smartphone in the direction of the target and press the big red button. After that, air defense specialists will see a mark on the map, it will supplement information from military radars.

The ePPO application is currently available for Android. Developers are working on creating a version for iOS as well. Its release is expected in a few weeks.