The presentation of the new devices of the Microsoft Surface line was not limited to hardware. During the broadcast, there was good news for users who have iPhones, Windows computers and/or Xbox in their arsenal, because these devices will now receive support for Apple Music and Apple TV services. Also, Windows will have synchronization with iCloud Photos through a native application in the system.

Music service Apple Music is already available in the Microsoft Store. The Xbox version will appear next year. Both Apple Music and Apple TV applications for Windows will initially be available in preview versions, but will already allow you to use the services without having to go to the online options.

Updating to iCloud for Windows will also allow photos to be synced in the native Photos app. To do this, you will only need to update the iCloud software for Windows. This support is currently available in the Windows Insiders version.

Such moves by Apple and Microsoft to meet each other should improve the lives of Windows users who also have iPhones. The native versions of Apple Music and Apple TV will be much more convenient than the online versions and the outdated iTunes, as well as the synchronization of photos in the proprietary Windows application.