Usually, themed mechanical watches are dedicated to sports cars, racing, or certain types of sports and leisure. But there is an exception to every rule. Swiss premium watchmaker TAG Heuer has joined forces with Nintendo for the second time and released two more Mario Kart-themed models that have entered the Formula 1 collection.

This time it is not a “smart” watch, as it was last year, but two mechanical chronographs that use the company’s Galibre 16 and Caliber Heuer 02T COSC mechanisms.

TAG Heuer and Nintendo release two new limited edition mechanical watches for true Mario Kart fans

The first is installed in the TAG Heuer Formula 1 X Mario Kart Limited Edition (Chronograph). It is a 44mm steel chronograph with a ceramic black bezel. It also features a tachymeter scale with large Mario Kart lettering. The game character himself can be found on one of the additional dials, and the date indicator is also accompanied by funny images from the game. The chronograph can be submerged under water to a depth of 200 meters.

A total of 3,000 copies were included in the series. The cost of this is $4,300.

But the second mechanism became the heart of the more expensive model TAG Heuer Formula 1 X Mario Kart Limited Edition (Chronograph Tourbillon). It has a slightly larger 45mm titanium case and also has a ceramic bezel with a tachymeter scale and logo. The dial of this model has a more “aggressive” design and three figures from the game at once. This watch can withstand diving to a depth of 100 meters.

Unlike the previous model, the Chronograph Tourbillon has a more interesting decoration on the back cover, where in addition to the silhouettes of the game characters, you can also see parts of the watch mechanism. In addition to the limited series of sports cars, there is a mark with the serial number of a separate chronograph.

Such a watch is worth a much more stunning $25,600, and only 250 copies will be produced.