Avatars in Meta’s Horizon Worlds virtual universe will get legs after all. For now, they just hover above the ground with half a torso, but sometime late next year, the company will allow users to add legs to their avatars in VR and on mobile devices.

Legs are “probably the most desired feature on our roadmap,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the company’s Connect event, showing off new avatars that look significantly better than what’s available now. “Seriously, legs are difficult, which is why other virtual reality systems don’t have them either,” Zuckerberg added.

The company started with avatars that don’t show the whole body, he said, because it was difficult for a virtual reality headset to accurately estimate where parts of the body like the elbow or legs actually are. If the system did not accurately display them in virtual reality, it would break the immersion effect.

Meta does plan to add legs for virtual avatars in Horizon Worlds

As for the arms, Meta has gotten a better understanding of what those body parts are doing as tracking and prediction technology has improved. According to Zuckerberg, legs can be difficult due to occlusion. For example, if your feet are under a table, it’s hard for a standalone VR headset to understand what they’re doing because the table blocks the view of the headset’s cameras. Instead, to be able to represent the legs, Meta built an artificial intelligence model to predict the position of the entire body.

Avatar legs will be the first to appear on Meta’s social VR platform Horizon Worlds, though it’s unclear when exactly. According to Zuckerberg, they will get “more and more experience over time.” During the Connect event, the avatars’ legs moved quite naturally, although since this was a pre-recorded video, there’s no telling how they’ll look in practice.

Meta isn’t just working on legs, it plans to add a whole host of new avatar-related features. The company is researching how to make expressive and photorealistic avatars to, for example, represent yourself in different situations. They can be transferred to Reels to use in your videos, or to Messenger and WhatsApp for video chats. They will also appear on Zoom. And Meta will launch an avatar store in VR later this year, so users can buy clothes and specific looks.