The personal computer market is experiencing a sharp decline in sales. After two powerful years of the pandemic for the market, sales are significantly reduced, and manufacturers are at best suspending the recruitment of new employees.

According to IDC data, the top manufacturers in the third quarter of the current year lost from eight to 28% of sales compared to this period a year ago (only Apple’s business went uphill). Intel has yet to release its own report, but analysts are predicting a 15 percent decline in profits this year.

Due to this, the company is planning a large reduction in personnel. Intel currently has 113,700 employees, thousands of whom may soon lose their jobs. Citing its own sources in the company, Bloomberg reports that the reductions will primarily affect the sales and marketing departments, which may be reduced by 20%.

This will happen sometime during the period of publication of the reporting for the third quarter of the current year, which is scheduled for October 27.

“This quarter’s results could mark a historic slowdown for the PC market,” said Gartner lead analyst Mikako Kitagawa. “Back-to-school sales ended with disappointing results despite massive promotions and price drops, due to a lack of need as many consumers had purchased new PCs in the last two years. On the business side, geopolitical and economic uncertainties led to more selective IT spending, and PCs were not at the top of the priority list.”

Last quarter, Intel already recorded a 25% loss in sales, which cut profits by 22%. The company lost half a billion dollars, compared to the figures for the same period in 2021. Then Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized that the company plans to reduce the main costs for 2022 and will look for additional opportunities to reduce them for the second half of the year. This can be a reduction in personnel.