According to the data of the analytical company IDC, there is now a decrease in the volume of deliveries of computers from almost all major manufacturers. This is due to a decrease in demand from buyers, as well as still unresolved problems with supply chains.

In the third quarter of the current year, manufacturers lost 15% of last year’s numbers — 74.3 million versus 87.3 million. (However, this is still more than before the pandemic.) The indicators of most manufacturers fell significantly, with Lenovo losing 16.1%, HP — 27.8%, Dell — 21.2%, ASUS — 7.8%, and other manufacturers — 19.4%.

And only Apple showed a growth of 40.2%, although it still occupies only the fourth position in the overall leaderboard.

Sales of personal computers are declining. But not for Apple

A similar situation was hinted at by AMD, which last Thursday lowered its chip sales forecast for the third quarter. The named reasons were a decrease in demand and the same problems in production.

It remains to be seen how things are going at Microsoft and Intel. The companies are due to release their earnings reports at the end of October — the 25th and 27th, respectively.