Artificial intelligence is being taught to do different things. It plays chess, draws pictures (sometimes quite creepy), swaps faces, generates voices, etc. Currently, technology even allows you to simulate a conversation between two people so that there is a basis on which AI can be trained.

Thus, Company produced an AI-generated Joe Rogan podcast that interviewed also generated Steve Jobs. It uses the same technology that helps play Darth Vader’s voice. So the voices of the generated interlocutors are quite similar to the original ones.

There were no problems with the example of Joe Rogan’s voice because there are enough episodes of his podcast, on which the voice functions of AI are often trained. There are also a lot of recordings of Steve Jobs, but the quality can vary. You can feel it on the record because Steve’s voice sometimes becomes “robotic” when it is less so with Rogan.

But it is interesting that the AI also independently generated the text of the conversation. For the character of Steve Jobs, he got a biography of the inventor, as well as all the recordings of his speeches that the company found online. As a result, the fake Joe Rogan does not always choose his words, and the fake Steve Jobs still talks about the superiority of Apple over the competition and criticizes Microsoft.

You can listen to the recording of this conversation on AI podcast website, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.