YouTube is launching a feature that’s key to social media, namely usernames in the @name format, so people can be tagged in posts and their pages can be found. Previously, large channels could choose a unique URL on YouTube, but now all channels on the platform will be able to get a unique handle.

“In the coming weeks, YouTube will be rolling out handles to make it easier for community members to find and connect with each other. Your handle will be unique to your channel and will be how people mention you in the comments, community posts, and more,” the company’s message states.

In the coming weeks, YouTube will begin notifying users of the opportunity to obtain a handle via email and YouTube Studio. For channels that already have their own URL, the handle will be reserved automatically, but you can change it if needed.

If you don’t choose a handle for your channel by November 14, 2022, YouTube will automatically assign one, which you can change in YouTube Studio if needed.