Electronic Arts has released a replacement for its own Origin app. The new Origin is called EA App and replaces the old app, but… keeps all disadvantages of the previous one. For example, Russian rubles for users from Ukraine. Of course, there is no Ukrainian language in the interface either.

In the future, the EA App will be able to work with PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam accounts, but for now, it’s a standalone app for Windows PC only. Upon installation, the EA App removes Origin and after login picks up your game library. And although EA emphasizes that it is a fast platform, the new EA App is not very fast. But that’s not a problem.

The problem is that for users from Ukraine, the prices in the EA App are still displayed in Russian rubles, even when the program interface is in English. Moreover, among the payment options there are some Russian services – Svyaznoy, Sberbank, Beeline and other crap, so we suspect that, as before, buying EA games in Ukraine will still be a headache because of the blocking of most Russian services in Ukraine. And of course, no Ukrainian interface.

Even games by Ukrainian developers who give their lives at the front will have to be bought for bloody rubles. “Dear” Electronic Arts, are you all right there?

The “war” of Ukrainians with Electronic Arts has been going on for more than 10 years. EA ignores all requests and continues to humiliate Ukrainians.