The Ajax Systems company held a Special Event called Comfort Zone, where it presented a line of fire protection products, as well as devices to ensure indoor comfort. In particular, its first indoor air quality monitoring sensor, called LifeQuality, measures temperature, humidity, and CO2.

Ajax Systems introduced comfort devices, a new application design and a line of fire detectors

The sensor is equipped with Swiss and Swedish sensors used in medical equipment, so the company promises very accurate measurements. In addition, graphs have been added to its interface in the Ajax application for the first time, so you can see current indicators, view the history for several days, a week, a month, or a year and understand the dynamics of air quality. A light indicator on the LifeQuality housing gives you instant access to CO2 readings by simply touching the Ajax logo. It glows yellow, red, or purple if the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds the norm. LifeQuality will be available to order in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Ajax Systems introduced comfort devices, a new application design and a line of fire detectors

Another new device was the LightSwitch, thanks to which it is possible to control various lighting devices both on site and remotely, through Ajax applications. LightSwitch has a large touch panel that responds to pressing or contactless activation. To turn on the light, it is enough to raise your hand to the LightSwitch at a distance of 15 mm. Despite the touch panel, the LightSwitch can provide vibration and sound feedback. The device will go on sale in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Ajax Systems introduced comfort devices, a new application design and a line of fire detectors

Ajax Systems also introduced WaterStop, a remote-controlled water shut-off faucet. It helps build a fully automated flood control system and consists of a faucet and an electric actuator that shuts off the water automatically, on command via an Ajax app or by pressing a button on site.

The WaterStop electric actuator runs on batteries for up to three years and, according to the company, is able to shut off the water in seconds. The command for this is sent using the Jeweler radio protocol, which provides communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,100 meters. Communication is protected by encryption, radio frequency hopping, and interference detection. WaterStop will also be available to order in Q4 2022.

Ajax Systems introduced comfort devices, a new application design and a line of fire detectors

Another major update to the Ajax Systems lineup is the entire line of FireProtect 2 sensors, which are designed for fire safety in the residential sector. Ajax has developed a smoke chamber that is protected from dust and insects, with a bispectral optical sensor that can distinguish smoke from steam.

The second sensor in the sensor is a thermistor. It distinguishes the increase in temperature, which gives an advantage in detecting the burning of synthetic materials. An extended version of the sensor with an additional carbon monoxide sensor was also presented. Both models have versions with replaceable and built-in batteries. The company promises that the sensor will work up to 7 years with replaceable batteries, and at least 10 with built-in batteries.

Ajax also developed separate versions without a smoke chamber – in a slightly smaller body. There are different versions: with a temperature sensor, with a carbon monoxide sensor and with two sensors at the same time.

To extend the Ajax application interface with new devices, the company’s product design team introduced a new tab for quick access to automation devices and announced future changes.

Ajax Systems introduced comfort devices, a new application design and a line of fire detectors

Now the interface will supposedly take into account the structure of the human body, movements, and the context of the interaction. This should allow users to turn on the device as quickly and conveniently as possible, without even looking at the smartphone screen. The application will also receive a new dark mode, improved fonts, and quick access to automation devices. The update should be released later this year.

The Ajax company also introduced three new functions for existing devices: keyboard access codes for unregistered users, photo by the alarm of any device, and scenarios by temperature.

Keyboard access codes for unregistered users

This feature allows you to assign an individual or company a unique access code in the hub settings without creating an Ajax account. So there is no need to register office workers, cleaning companies, or real estate agents in the Ajax application. When the code is applied, it is shown along with the username in the event feed and push notifications. Keyboard access codes for unregistered users are available on OS Malevich 2.13.1.

Photo by alarm of any device

Ajax extends the capabilities of the photo function by script. Now detectors with the PhOD mark can take a photo when triggered by any device: an opening sensor, an alarm button, or another motion sensor. This feature is also available on OS Malevich 2.13.1.

Temperature scenarios

Ajax sensors showed the temperature in applications, but this information was only available for viewing. Ajax devices that show the temperature in the application can now trigger scenarios based on temperature: motion sensor, opening sensor, siren, except for the automation device itself (Relay/WallSwitch/Socket). This means that the heater will turn on if, for example, the temperature of the three sensors in the room drops below 15 degrees. Temperature scenarios will be available on OS Malevich 2.14.