In addition to announcing CD Projekt’s future plans, co-founder and main shareholder of CD Projekt SA Marcin Iwiński, who 28 years ago together with Michał Kiciński created this company, announced that he is stepping down as CEO.

If you remove the motivational phrases and corporate blah blah blah from his announcement, what remains is the following. By the end of 2022, Marcin Iwińsk is stepping down from the position of co-director of the company, but is putting forward his candidacy for the role of chairman of the supervisory board of CD Projekt SA. It seems that the co-founder of the company will also remain involved in the creation of games, although this is not certain.

In addition, Marcin remains the main shareholder of CD Projekt SA. He owns 12.64% of the shares of the main company of the group, which includes the studios CD Projekt Red, CD Projekt Red Wrocław, CD Projekt Red Cracow, CD Projekt Red Vancouver (formerly Digital Scapes Studios). , Spokko, The Molasses Flood, CD Projekt North America and the platform. In 2021, Marcin Iwiński’s own fortune was estimated at 3.7 billion zlotys (about $760 million).