An incredibly cute game Boxville from a Ukrainian-Slovak studio Triomatica Games has just been released on Steam.

This is a 2D puzzle and animation about old aluminum cans living in a city of discarded boxes. We don’t know about you, but it seemed to us that the game is close in spirit to Amanita Design projects, yes, this is us about Machinarium.

Boxville is a city of boxes filled with old cans. They live a quiet and happy life with their daily activities and habits. But one day inexplicable earthquakes broke this idyll… The character of the game Blue Can lost his best friend because of it. He started searching, but after the earthquakes, it is not so easy to move around the city. The character must find a way to move forward, bring his friend home, and learn the true cause of the earthquakes.

Boxville is not just a game, but an animated movie that you can watch and play at the same time. The developers say that they created the game to relieve players of anxiety and stress, which is very important for Ukrainians now. The world of Boxville can be explored without rush or pressure.

All Boxville backgrounds and characters are meticulously hand-drawn. Each animation and sound was created specifically for each interaction. A unique music track is written for each scene. The developers have carefully chosen dozens of logical puzzles and mini-games that are closely integrated into the game’s story.

Of course, the game has Ukrainian text, but there is no voice acting… because all the characters of Boxville do not communicate with their voice, but with the help of drawings on cardboard.

Boxville looks super cute, so keep an eye out for this homegrown project, especially since it costs not so much, only 229 hryvnias. In Russia, the game is also sold, but it is 2.5 times more expensive, and it is almost the highest price of all countries (in Switzerland it is only UAH 3 higher). It is necessary to somehow collect donations from the Russians for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.