It’s almost the end of the month, and traditionally on the PlayStation blog official information has appeared about which games PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get for free in October.

Yes, the following titles will appear on all tariffs, including the basic PS Plus Essential:

Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS4, PS5) is the newest game of all, released exactly one year ago, at the end of September 2021. This arcade race is based on the Mattel – Hot Wheels “universe”, scale 1 toy cars: 64. According to Metacritic aggregator, the game received generally good reviews from both critics and players.

Injustice 2 (PS4) is a fighting game in the DC Universe from NetherRealm Studios, the developer of the latest installments of Mortal Kombat. Injustice 2 was released in 2017 and is the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013). The game has a pretty high score on Metacritic – 87% from critics and 8/10 from players.

Superhot (PS4) is a very unusual first-person action game with stylized graphics and unique gameplay: time in the game “moves” only with the player, and if they stand still, time also freezes. This makes it possible to plan your actions before the start of the shootout, which thus turns into a kind of puzzle.

The distribution will start on October 4 and will continue until the end of the month. In the meantime, until October 3 you can still pick up September deals: PlayStation Plus – Need for Speed ​​Heat (PS4), Granblue Fantasy: Versus (PS4) and Toem (PS5).