Meta has announced that it is testing new features that will help people easily manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts through a single interface. This shows Meta’s attempt to consolidate its apps so that they are not so different from each other, reports CNBC.

One ​​feature allows users to switch between their Facebook and Instagram accounts if they’ve added both to their account manager. Users can then switch between the two apps and see notifications for profiles on both social networks. This also works for people who have multiple accounts.

Meta has changed the user registration process to make it easier to log in and create new Facebook and Instagram accounts. This can help new users create accounts in both services, rather than just one of the apps. Such a feature is considered by Meta as a way to attract more users.

Meta said the new account management features are “limited to Facebook and Instagram at this time,” but the company will “continue to explore how to improve the interaction with all of our technologies.” In July, Meta debuted with accounts that let people access their virtual reality headsets without having to use Facebook accounts. This change was in response to complaints from Quest VR users.