But for this you will have to make certain compromises.

Let me remind you, iPhone 14 Pro became the first Apple smartphone with support for the Always-on Display mode. But Apple would not be itself if it did not implement this function in its own way. So instead of displaying the minimalist clock and date we’re used to on Android smartphones, the iPhone 14 Pro lowers the brightness, saturation and contrast of your lock screen wallpaper, leaving the date, clock and widgets. For many users, this option turned out to be too distracting, because it constantly seems that the smartphone screen is active.

Apple hasn’t given users the ability to configure the Always-on Display mode, so you can either disable it or accept this implementation. However, there is another option that still allows you to turn on the black and white Always-on Display mode. For this, you will need to activate the Focus mode and the Dim Lock Screen option.

iPhone 14 Pro will allow switching on black-and-white Always-on Display

To enable this function, you need to go to Settings > Focus > [select one of the Focus modes] > Options (Parameters) > activate Dim Lock Screen (Darken under the lock). After that, when you have this Focus mode enabled, the Dim Lock Screen function will dim the entire screen, leaving only the time, date and widgets (if you added them).

Of course, there are several disadvantages of such a decision. First, your smartphone must be in Focus mode at all times. Secondly, at the bottom of the screen you will see an inscription that the Focus mode is turned on. Third, the Dim Lock Screen feature makes the lock screen wallpaper blurry.

It is unlikely that such a solution will be popular among iPhone 14 Pro users, but it is always nice to have an alternative. In addition, it is possible that Apple will listen to feedback and add in future versions of iOS the ability to configure the Always-on Display mode in more detail.