As reported by the Afghan media Khaama Press, the popular battle royale game PUBG will soon be banned in Afghanistan. In its news, it refers to the official statement of the Ministry of Telecommunication. The government made such a decision due to the fact that the game “promotes violence” and “misleads the youth”.

The Taliban made a promise to block the brutal PUBG in the spring, but only now some details have emerged. The ban will mainly apply to the mobile version of the game, with local telecommunications companies and internet providers having 90 days to comply with the decision.

In addition to PUBG, TikTok was also banned – this service, according to the Taliban, also has a bad effect on young people and forces them to waste their time. TikTok should be blocked even sooner, in a month.

Note that Afghanistan is not the first country where PUBG was banned. Previously, a similar decision was made in India, Pakistan, China, and Jordan. The game was very popular in Afghanistan — at the beginning of 2021, the peak number of simultaneous players reached 100,000, which consumed a large part of the country’s mobile Internet traffic.