Motor1 demonstrated a series of spy photos of the Skoda Superb car of the new generation. Having carefully examined these photos, it is already possible to make certain assumptions about the future of the model. First of all, the new Skoda Superb will probably increase in overall dimensions and will have an increased wheelbase – just look at the length of the doors! Accordingly, an increase in size guarantees an increase in interior space. Secondly, regarding the interior: photo spies managed to take a picture where the separately installed display is perfectly visible – its diagonal is expected to be 13 inches.

And it is also interesting that in May the media also showed a series of photos of the future Volkswagen Passat car. If we take into account the kinship of the models, then conclusions from one car can be transferred to another, and vice versa. So we have already noted the external dimensions and internal accents on the touch display, but what will the Volkswagen Passat prototype show? Note the hatch in the front fender: this is probably the port for charging the battery as part of the PHEV-hybrid. After all, this is the only way to comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations.

By the way, it is environmental regulations that mean that the latest Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat models will be able to exist and be sold until around 2030. Of course, everything depends on the legislation of a certain country, but the general European course has already been determined by that time – electric cars. So the upcoming Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat, due to debut in 2023-2024, may turn out to be the last incarnations of these models in our traditional understanding.