Warner Bros. announced that they are reprising Keanu Reeves’ role as John Constantine, the famous DC Comics exorcist, in the sequel to 2005’s Constantine, reports The A.V. Club.

The sequel will reunite Reeves with the original director Francis Lawrence, who was also recently chosen to direct the biopic about the band Sublime. With the sequel of Constantine, Warner Bros. will once again try to consolidate its comic book strategy, and find someone like Marvel’s Kevin Feige so that all superhero movies can be run by one person.

It is not difficult to understand why Warner Bros. wants to return to the continuation of Constantine. Keanu Reeves is more popular now than he was in 2005, when the original film based on the DC comics Hellblazer and the character created by Alan Moore collected a decent $230 million at the box office. The character also lives well in the public consciousness, with Matt Ryan playing him for several years on several DC TV shows, and Constantine’s name now being mentioned in Netflix’s The Sandman series. The sequel of Constantine: Lord of Darkness is written by screenwriter Akiva J. Goldsman (Angels and Demons, Transformers: The Last Knight, The Dark Tower), and produced by J.J. Abrams.