In addition to happy stories about the Tesla Model S, which has covered more than 1 million kilometers since its release and is still in good condition, there is also a less positive experience of using electric cars from Elon Musk.

Mario Zelaya, the owner of a Tesla Model S from Canada, who, according to him, bought the car in 2013 for about $140 thousand, posted a video on TikTok with the story that the battery in his car completely failed. At the same time, it turned out that the automaker did not even think of such a scenario and it is impossible to get into the interior of the Model S without a charge because the car does not have mechanical locks.

In the Tesla service, the owner was informed that replacing the battery in the car will cost $28,000 with taxes because the term of its service ended a year ago. Mario Zelaya notes in the video that the battery failed suddenly because the previous evening the Model S was charging and showed 80% charge and 300 km of range.

Zelaya’s video has already received more than 10 million views, so he recorded a follow-up, in which he noted that he is now trying to sell a defective Tesla Model S. But because access to the interior is blocked, he had to spend money and time to make copies of documents.

According to Mario Zelaya, he has been contacted by other Tesla owners with the same problem. The author of the video notes that the 2013-2014 Model S models have a problem with fluid leaking from the air conditioning system onto the main battery of the electric vehicle. However, according to Zelaya, the company’s technicians never check the battery during service. Allegedly, it is not beneficial for them to let car owners know about the state of the battery.

“I got Transport Canada involved, and they actually did an investigation on the car. Not only did they do an investigation on this car, they’re gonna be doing one that Tesla doesn’t realize is coming up,” says Zelaya.

According to him, after the technical diagnosis of the car, Tesla did not want to answer the question of why the battery died in the Model S. In addition, the company allegedly canceled Uber bonuses for him, which it usually provides to customers while the vehicle is being serviced. Mario Zelaya believes that the company should recall such defective Model S and fix the fault, but refuses to do so. Now the owner of a non-working electric car is urging people not to buy a Tesla.

In the finale of the story, Zelaya sold his non-working Model S and posted a video of the car’s new owner removing its front panel and connecting a portable booster, which still allowed him to unlock the doors and get into the interior. However, the electric car showed 0 battery charge and reported the need to contact the service.

Now the ex-owner of the problematic Model S drives a BMW SUV with an 8-cylinder internal combustion engine.