The title of the most unconventional car of recent months confidently goes from Citroen C4 X to the Fiat Fastback model. Moreover, the idea was successful: to create an inexpensive cross-coupe “for the people”. But something went wrong.

For example, using a simple platform with a small wheelbase (2.53 m) and trying to increase the status of the car by trivially increasing the length of the body (4.43 m) – in the end, we got a big “nose” and a long “tail”. Corresponding to the cross style, the Fiat Fastback car had to be raised above the road (clearance 192 mm) and plastic protection added. But now everything looks too “heavy”, even 17- or 18-inch wheels do not save the situation.

Next fail was the technology. Only front-wheel drive, semi-independent rear suspension, though at least independent front. However, what to do with the engines? The basic version will receive a 1-liter “turbo gasoline” with a capacity of 130 hp. paired with a variator. Thanks, although the Abart modification offers better: a gasoline 1.3-liter turbo engine with 185 “horses” paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

In the interior, there is a good design, a digital instrument panel with a 7-inch display, and a 10-inch touch screen in the center of the front panel. But only in expensive versions. The basic ones will get the usual instruments with arrows and an 8.4-inch central display. Climate control, a rearview camera, four airbags, and a 600-liter trunk are also provided.

Strange car, isn’t it? The fact is that the cross-coupe Fiat Fastback was created by a division of the Fiat company in Brazil – as they say “from what was at hand.” The car will be produced at a local plant and sold only in Latin American countries. Would you like to see it in Ukraine as well?