Welcome to the new generation Ford Mustang: the car has just debuted, the main information is already known, but the actual production will not start until the summer of 2023, and the novelty is generally declared as a version of the 2024 model year.

Such a step into the future – but with an already well-known design: the general profile of the body is almost identical to the current version of the Ford Mustang. Only the details, such as headlights and lights, wheel rims, the shape of the bumpers and hood, etc., have been significantly updated. However, all this will certainly not allow you to confuse the new Ford Mustang with its predecessor: take a look for yourself!

The car debuted with two body styles – a classic closed coupe or an open cabriolet – and with two engines. Moreover, both, again, are known by their predecessor: gasoline 2.3-liter “turbo” EcoBoost or atmospheric 5-liter V8 Coyote for the GT version. Currently, the exact power of the engines and speed specifications of the novelty are unknown, but it is known about the preparation of the most “charged” version of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse, which is claimed to have “about 500 hp.” received from the V8.

Two transmissions are also available – either a 6-speed mechanical (yay!), or a 10-speed automatic. And we can also mention the Performance Pack option: Torsen LSD differential, Brembo brakes (discs with a diameter of 390 mm in front and 355 mm in the back), an improved cooling system, and Recaro seats in the interior. Plus different wheels, design of air intakes, “2×1” or “2×2” exhaust…

By the way, about the Recaro seats and the interior in general. It has changed almost the most for the new model: separate zones for the driver and passenger, a massive central console, an instrument panel based on a 12.4-inch display, and a central 13.2-inch touch screen with the proprietary SYNC4 system. Improved trim materials are also promised, but this can only be checked in person when the car arrives in Ukraine.

But will the new Ford Mustang come to Ukraine? Probably, the question should be asked in a different way – it will come, but in what condition? And for how much money? We’ll see later. But we can already confidently say: the Ford Mustang car and its legend are alive and have gained new breath!